SAF Research Facebook Group Update:

After numerous issues dealing with Facebook, their algorithm and an in depth review from both legal and compliance we decided to close our private research group. Our goal is to remain in business for years to come and this was a step in that direction. Nothing changes as far as customer service, product quality, and the overall experience with us. If you have questions about a compound, ask the question in google. There is an immense amount of data, discussion, studies and trials readily available for you there.

The private member only site will remain available to repeat customers and can be found at We recently added peptides to the site to make your overall SAF shopping experience as seamless as possible.

As far as the Nutrition group, we will have a new one online shortly. Our Swole Alternative Medicine group is still available for the discussion of TRT/HRT through Swole Alternative Medicine. It can be found HERE

Thank you for the multiple years of community and support. Should you need order support please reach out to or visit our FB page HERE and shoot us a DM. Give us a follow on our Instagram for other updates @safresearch

-SAF Justin